A few years ago my husband bought me some beautiful earrings that I just adore from a company called Love Heals (loveheals.com). I was trying to find something similar to buy for myself 🙂 when I stumbled onto the company’s website. The designers — a mother/daughter/son team have a super cool concept that lets customers mix and match the charms and gems to come up with their own earrings, bracelets and necklaces. (You can also buy Love Heals original designs.) Next thing I know, I designed these:

It’s nearly June and still snowing where I live, so I chose a pretty leaf design with a bright green gem — they feel spring-y to me. Total: $75 shipped to my door.  I LOVE them (of course I do, I designed them!). Bonus, the company also donates to lots of worthy causes, including the Salvation Army Disaster Relief in Japan. Plus, they plant ten trees for every piece they sell. Cool.

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