Today was a real day of activity for me – and it’s not even 11AM!

This morning I had another tennis lesson (which I LOVE TO PIECES) with a friend. We had a LOT of fun – we were the loudest group by FAR. Cheering one another on. Screaming when we missed the ball. I’m sure the other (more serious) players were not amused. LOL!

After that was over, I took a 20 minute bike ride around the neighborhood!!!!!

Truth be told – I was a little scared on the bike.  I haven’t owned one since I was about 9 years old – so besides being nervous about falling, I was afraid of getting ran over.

What’s the proper thing to do? Ride on the street? Or the sidewalk? I was on the street and while there weren’t many cars, I was petrified someone was going to swipe me!

I don’t know how far I went, but my legs started to shake and I knew that was enough for my first day.

Tomorrow I will  be in major pain  – I just KNOW IT! But I’m serious about getting healthy, so hopefully I will make this a daily thing.

Are you planning on hyping up your activity for the summer?

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