I have a lot of hair. When I think about fabulous things I would do to treat myself if I ever had a lot of extra money, blow outs top the list. I mean can you imagine having someone wash and dry/style your hair a couple of times a week? The luxury of it. Chances are it’s not going to happen. So I am thrilled to have been asked to “test” a Nume Iconic 1600 W hairdryer. And guess what? It shaves a full 5 minutes off my total drying time. Now that might not sound like a lot, but when you’re scrambling to get three kids out the door in the morning, let’s just say those five minutes give me time to have breakfast, or put on some make-up, or throw in a load of laundry, or make at least two beds….I mean it’s FIVE  minutes.

I also love the Nume curling wand — and my girls, who both take a”no thank you” approach to hair styling have even been asking me to curl their hair!  The “clipless” design took a little getting used to — yes, I burned my fingers a few times — but I LOVE the loose beach waves it makes.

Bonus: between now and June 24, LATB readers can get both the drier and the curling wand PLUS a whole bunch of styling products for a highly discounted rate. Just link here to see the amazing deal:

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