Here comes a big confession. I wash my face twice a day … but NEVER take my eye makeup off. When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes end up having mascara on my nose (if it’s a restless night) but I am pretty much ready to hit the road at any given second. It also saves me time in front of the mirror each day.

I don’t have the 10 minutes I would need to get my eyes done every single day… so I reuse and recycle last night’s efforts.

What? Am I the only one?

I will never forget a few months ago when I went to the spa with my girlfriends and one of them asked me why I did my eye makeup at 7AM for breakfast. I actually didn’t. I just never took it off the day before. So, it’s like a lazy way to stay presentable. LOL!

But how does this work you ask? How does it all stay in place you want to know? It doesn’t. It smudges when I sleep sometimes and I use wipes like these wet cleaning towelettes from Ponds to redefine and wipe off any excess.


Even when I meet friends to play tennis at 8AM – I look like I am ready to hit the day running (meanwhile I woke up just a few minutes before).

Is it lazy? Yes. But call me what you want – it makes my life a little easier in the morning and isn’t that what we are all striving for?

So, you are asking – How can you wash your face twice a day and NOT get your eyes wet? I follow the spa way of soap removal. I lather up my face (avoiding the mascara) and then take a face towel and wipe everything off with cold water. I wipe off a cheek and then rinse. Wipe off a forehead and then rinse until all the soap is removed. Then I use toner , moisturizer etc. to get me out the door.

Fess up – do you wash off your eye makeup?

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