I recenlty had the opportunity to test out iQ – the innovative line of household cleaners which allows users to reduce plastic waste by 80 percent through its patented iQ REFill® (Reduced Environmental Footprint) technology.  My husband really got into this movement a few years ago. We’ve become an organic household and now only use non-toxic cleaners. It took me a while to process that it doesn’t have to smell like bleach to work. Believe me, I fought it for a while – but haven’t looked back.

iQ really works for us because the REFill packs all the non-toxic cleaning concentrate into a small, recyclable cartridge. Talk about reducing waste!

To make a bottle of cleaner, consumers just fill the re-usable iQ bottle with their own tap water and drop in the no mess REFill® cartridge.

The new iQ line consists of three cleaning solutions:

1. iQ’s All-Purpose Cleaner

2. iQ’s Glass Cleaner

3. iQ’s Bathroom Cleaner

To learn more about this line, visit iQ.

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