What a wonderful Father’s Day we had yesterday! We are part of my town’s country club and they threw a little party for the holiday. We brought along Bill’s family and ended up meeting two of our friends. Oddly enough, I have NO pictures of the other couple?? I don’t know how the heck that happened?! I need to get doubles from their camera!

Anyway, my poor husband didn’t have a jacket to wear because after he lost all his weight (2 years ago mind you) he never went to replenish his wardrobe. So here he is wearing a winter jacket (DARK BROWN corduroy) in the middle of June. LOL! We need to go shopping.

After the lunch, we went outside to take pictures and ended up staying out there for 3+ hours. The kids ran around the greens while the parents chatted in the shade. It was so lovely.

NIce and easy. That’s what it was all about. One to remember.

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