Last night, my husband took Liam into Manhattan for the media screening of ‘Cars 2’. I can’t talk about specifics in the film because it hasn’t opened yet, but let me tell you – the boy came home MANIC. It was AHHHHH-MAZING! Even Bill said he enjoyed himself.

Liam got hurt over the weekend (took him to emergency because we thought he broke his nose). The doctor said he isn’t allowed to play this week at all. So, we’re having a hard time keeping him away from the park and the pool. To help make our lives easier, I told Bill to take Liam in nice and early and spend the day walking around Times Square. They had a great time!

‘Cars’ is literally the greatest thing since sliced bread according to Liam. So, the opportunity to see the movie with his Dad before his friends was a REAL treat.

Are you planning on seeing ‘Cars 2’?

Again, I can’t get too into it – but the boys said there was a TON of action. 🙂

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