If you are looking for motivation to stay active this summer or simply keep track of activities you already engage in,  Degree Women got your back.. and other flabbier areas.

LATB and other bloggers were invited for a morning class of Zumba at Exhale Spa and once I got home I proudly added it to my Degree Women daily log. So whether it’s Zumba or a coffee run you  can keep track of miles you burn and get rewarded.

The new Facebook application – Get into the Move – rewards women with a chance to win thousands of prizes (surfing trip in Hawaii, designer shoes and much more) for the ways they already move.  The motto is Move More, Get More!

The first move is to register for the application on the Degree Women Facebook page: Facebook.com/degreewomen or on a mobile device m.degreewomen.com to start earning motionMILES. (Psst: enter the special code: GetMoving040 and start off with extra miles)

Degree Women also has new exciting products. The new deodorant is activated by motion, not moisture, thanks to the new breakthrough technology motionSENSE, keeping you fresher longer.

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