Unless your husband is peering over your shoulder while happening to be a Mets fan,  this above picture isn’t really going to do it for you. I had to ask my husband who that was and WHY he was posing with my boy! Turns out that’s John Franco – former Met – and my son met him last week during his visit to Citi Field. I was invited to attend a game but couldn’t go. So, Bill and Liam went instead and had a blast.

It was Citi Field Kids day. Liam got a tour through the Hall of Fame and learned a bit about the new stadium with a group of 100+ kids.

Every time I called, they were eating something new so I KNOW that Liam AND Bill had a blast! The game was delayed so they didn’t get to watch the entire thing, but the boys had fun nevertheless.

When will you take your son to his first game?

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