CVS/pharmacy officially kicked off a fun new campaign to help stop people from trashing their money!

If you read my blog, you know about Extra Reward Bucks. I am OBSESSED with them! You buy certain thing and CVS gives you money back for making that purchase. The ERB print on the bottom of your receipt but not everyone uses them! I can’t understand that – but it’s true.

Well, now – even if you don’t buy anything on sale, as a cardholder you will automatically get back some ExtraBucks at the end of every quarter. WHAT?!!!!!!!!

This Friday, July 1, the quarterly payout will start once again, which means just about everyone that stops into their local CVS/pharmacy will get some ExtraBucks rewards (free CVS money!) on their receipts over the next few weeks.

More info here!!!! Remember to vote on your favorite MoneyTrashers video and spread the word, so less people trash money and more people save!

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