I woke up this morning actually feeling half human again. This sickness knocked my socks off, but thankfully I didnt have a fever. It was just a nasty head cold. My kids have both run off to camp and Bill is at Starbucks so I thought I’d use these few quiet moments to get some quick work done before crawling back in bed to help speed up my healing process.

Did I mention I lost 3 pounds this weekend? There should be a book about the sickness diet… just saying – it works better than any hard cover I’ve read.

While checking my emails, I’m noticing a lot of chatter about BlogHer. I’m starting to get invited to parties and I’ve made a list to keep track of them all. My partner in crime, Audrey McClelland, and I have booked our hotel and flights and are ready to rock and roll!! We’ve been asked to go to BlogHer with CVS as party of their Beauty Club team.

Now, if you know anything about me and my crazy addictions – you know I am utterly OBSESSED with CVS. I guess all that talk about using coupons at their store made enough noise for them to notice me. And now I’m going to BlogHer under their name. I could SCREAM!!!

I joked and told them I would wear CVS gear from head to toe – that’s how excited I was. LOL! Luckily, they didn’t take me up on that offer. hahahahahah Though if they really wanted me to… πŸ™‚

Anyway, are you going to BlogHer by chance? It’s in a few weeks! San Diego here I come!!!

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