I LOVE THIS!! I always entertain in the backyard. And it’s such a hassle to lug out my BOSE iPod system because I’m always so nervous something is going to happen to it. This is such an amazing alternative because I get to have my tunes outside without having to do a ton of leg work.

Set up was SUPER EASY!!!! All we had to do was plug the receiver into my computer and plug the “lantern” into the wall. Do you hear me!!! It was ridiculous!

Did I mention there was crystal-clear reception up to 150′! Not that I needed it, but the box says you are good to go even with that long distance.

From Acoustic Research:

Convenient portable design, can hang or stand with easy wireless installation. Weather-resistant design. Ideal for outdoor settings. Compatible with iPhone/iPod. Sends high-quality, full, rich sound. Expandable, add multiple units to enhance your outdoor environment. outdoor wireless speaker weather resist indoor Wireless Speaker”

So, if you are in the market for some outdoor speakers, check out the Audiovox Acoustic Research AW880 Portable Wireless Indoor Speakers.

* company sent sample for review

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