I mean – that is just ridiculous! LOL! I signed up for the new Google + thing that’s going on (and am probably never going to use it). During the sign up, it somehow linked my Picassa account to my login and all these pictures from 2 years ago began to flood my screen. I don’t even know where they are being stored!

It was of my entire pregnancy with Liam. I went through the whole thing – being on bed rest at home, then being hospitalized for those 2 months, giving birth, Liam as a little baby, Natalie has a 2 year old. I cried as I leafed through the 500 pics because it all happened too quickly.

I sent this picture to Bill because I no longer am that size. You forget how big your body can get when you are carrying a child. I think I gained 35 pounds with Liam and my body was just stretched to the MAX. Look at that angle. Oh my word!!

You know when people say they were “all belly” – well, that wasn’t me, was it? I was “all everything”. LOL!

All worth it – every single second.

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