I started to hang out with these two girls from town and we all are in the same boat – two kids, under 40 and our mid-regions are our weak points. Well, after playing tennis, one of the girls said we should do sit ups. 200 of them. At the park. Together.

I was like…. WHAT??????????????????? 200 – you are crazy!!

But she’s a personal trainer and said that if we break it into sets of 25 it won’t seem like anything – especially since we were all going to be doing it together. Each 25 focused on a different part of our muscles.

Why not? I got right down on the floor.

And we did it. And it wasn’t bad. But this morning my stomach is killing me. My body just got over that wicked illness and I don’t think it was prepared for such activity!

We basically made a blood promise to do it once a day and I’m going to try to stick to it.

Do you do any daily routine to help you stay fit?

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