This weekend, my BF and partner Audrey came down with her family. She has 4 boys and we’ve gotten them all together before. It’s like magic. They play beautifully. They are around the same age and it’s almost as if they’ve known each other their entire lives.

And I am in love with her husband – not in a creepy “I want to steal him” kinda way. But in the way that he is DRY and SARCASTIC and he gets along SO GREAT with my husband. It’s a perfect fit. I know there will be no awkward pauses when I get them together which makes me so NOT nervous about planning couple time with them.

Well, on Saturday we had a full day of fun and then headed out for Pizza. After a loud but fun dinner, we spent a few hours in the park. When we got back to settle in for the night, Audrey told me that one of her children started to cry in the car on the ride home.

I asked why?

She said that her son said he was so lucky to have such a wonderful life and he was so thankful for it.

I just about melted. Even though it wasn’t my child that experienced such a wonderful moment, I wanted to weep. What a beautiful thing that just happened.

He recognized that it was a joyful day even at such an early age. And we were a part of it. I thought that I should learn a lesson from him.  I should step back on occasion and recognize how lucky I am to have healthy children, a husband who would die for me and a safe place to live.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could take that step back and see it all for what it is?

So, this weekend was fun – and I am thankful that my kids got to laugh as much as they did – but I am most thankful for the reminder that life is good.

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