Holy Smokes! I found this box of pictures in my attic and it has all of my college years consolidated into one nice punch. I’m going to scan a few shots from back in the day to keep on my personal blog.

Here’s my trip to Mardi Gras in 1999 with my friend Jennifer. We took the TRAIN down from Albany – it took about 20 hours or so. I am pretty sure we played Spades the entire time down. I’m also pretty sure we taught everyone on that train how to play the game. LOL! So much time to kill.

The worst part was… I’m pretty sure we didn’t have a room once we got down there. I vaguely remember crashing with some people we sort of knew… it’s so bizarre thinking back how reckless we were.

I even had a tongue ring in college. I actually got my tongue pierced twice – I had to take it out to interview for my job during my junior year. As soon as I accepted a position, I put it right back in until the first day of work. Cr-azy.

And all the BEADS we got!! There was no flashing involved -a  lot of begging – but I don’t play that way. However, Jen and I were DROWNING with beads by the end of our stay.

I’m sure it’s a lot crazier now than when I went. I’m so glad I went when I did because I seriously don’t think I would have the energy to keep up nowadays.

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? Planning on attending?

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