I’ve stopped going into the city for work functions a few months ago. It just got to be too much. I promised myself to only do things that excite me outside of work. Things that perhaps I’ve always wanted to do – ADVENTURE. Yes, those things I will always say yes to.

Well, this week… I am going… to have a heart attack because not only am I taking my first helicopter ride to NJ, but I am going on a Hot Air Balloon Ride with Hershey.


I’m cabbing it into the city and then taking a helicopter. That alone is cool enough for me. I’ve always wanted to try this out – but I have benign positional vertigo and it’s a bit pricy – so I’ve never added it to my official to-do list. However, this invite is not something I”m going to pass up. If I throw up – I’ll do it with pride. LOL!

Any way, the hot air balloon ride is making me lose sleep. I’m SO EXCITED. SO SO SO SO SO Excited. But I’m also a realist and all I keep thinking about is what if. What if I die? What if we can’t land? What if I fall off? hahahahhaahh I swear – it’s giving me the jitters.

Have you ever gone on a hot air balloon ride? I am literally shaking with excitement (and utter fear).

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