Holy SMOKES! I LOVE THIS! I can get a little heavy with the ladle when it comes to my carbs if you know what I mean. Technically, I always start off trying to give myself one scoop, but then before my brain even registers what happens, there’s at least 2 more piled on high.

Well Meal Measure is uber cool because you can’t mess it up. You scoop in your food until you fill the section and then MOVE ON!

When it comes to food I am like a CHILD. Unless I am on Weight Watchers (meaning I am accountable for myself) – I don’t stop myself from overdoing it. This is a VISUAL way of letting me know it’s time to stop serving and is now time to go sit with the family and eat my meal.

What do you think? Something you would try out?

I have one of those “As Seen on TV” stores in my mall – I’m going to go try to see if I can snag one of these.

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