She dresses herself. She only wears pink. And now, she sits like a lady. These aren’t things we are instilling in her. I never told her to sit with her legs crossed, but this is how Natalie likes to be. She is too much. Every day while I was at BlogHer, Bill would send me shots like this (or quick little videos of the kids) because he knew how much I missed them. I almost cried when I saw this one because I wanted to eat her right up. Too cute!

And that striped dress is her FAVORITE because it twirls. That’s another thing Natalie is obsessing about lately. She can’t wear something unless it twirls.

Girls are really such a treat. I wonder if I was this way when I was a child. I’m going to say NO. I think I was pretty easy going and quiet.

Does your daughter do anything like this?

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