Best part of the trip by FAR!!! Ok – where to start? I’m actually starting in the middle, but I can’t help it because I had such an amazing time doing this. I’m all about really experiencing the culture of the area I visit. If there is something the town / country is known for – I’m in! When I went to Maine, I ordered lobster (even though I’m not really a fan). When I went to France… you know I ate snails (gagging the entire time). But I DO IT because I really want to submerge myself in what the locals do.

I give you Block Island!

My husband and I went with another couple for an extended weekend and really had a blast. My FAVORITE part by FAR was visiting the Mohegan Bluffs. It’s quite a walk down to the beach but I suppose that was part of the fun.

I’m feeling a bit manic. I need to slow down. Take a deep breath.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I wore sneakers. Say no more.

Not only do you have to actually walk down a few dozen steps to get to the Mohegan Bluffs, but then you have to make your way down these rock piles. My knee has been acting up the last few weeks, so I was super nervous. Thankfully, Bill took most of my weight and there was no blood shed. So, here’s a tip – bring sneakers to get to the beach.

It was one of the more crowded beaches we visited, but with good reason. I’m getting to that.

There are these rock piles everywhere – not only at the Mohegan Bluffs. I’m talking about all of Block Island. It was so great to see. You have to wonder how old some of them are and what memories are associated with them. 🙂

When we first got there, we jumped right in the (Freezing) water! It took a while to get used to – but it was fun once we warmed up!  Then we started noticing these blue people. Everywhere. I knew I wasn’t hallucinating because the rest of the group saw it too. We asked someone what it was and it turned out to be dried clay from a mountain ledge to the left of the beach.

Off we went.

It doesn’t look too daunting right? I suppose it wasn’t. You have to get to the top of that middle rock to get to the clay.

Naturally after we climbed down, my friend Tracy and I made our own little rock pile. It wasn’t very high – but that’s not the point.

Here’s our baby. 🙂 Isn’t she beautiful?

Do you want to visit Block Island? If so – be SURE TO PUT the Mohegan Bluffs ON YOUR LIST. Here’s a dinky map so you get an idea of where you are supposed to go.

I’m going to write up the rest of my trip in pieces. Stay tuned for more pics!! 🙂

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