As you know… I’m an Etsy FREAK. I think that’s the greatest website on the Internet (well, besides this one of course lol). The creativity that exists inside of that URL is undeniable.

And they just have the cutest things!

Here’s the new decal I purchased a minute ago. There’s a story behind this one.

Whenever my kids and I talk about loving one another we always make reference to something.

  • I love you to the moon.
  • I love you as hot as the sun.
  • I love you as green as the grass.
  • I love you as big as the planet.

It goes on and on. We can do it all day long. But when I’m tired I say “I love you infinity” which as we all know is unbeatable (even though then Bill says “I love you infinity plus one” – even though that’s still infinity. He’s such a trouble maker.)

So, anyway. I’m on Etsy (thinking about repainting my basement and bedroom (my husband is going to KILL ME) and randomly came across this.




This is exactly what we do and say. My kids are going FLIP when we get it!!!!

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