So, I’m working with Champion for the next few weeks and was excited to get some new clothes to test out. I let them know ahead of time that I am a Tennis fan and they made sure to supply me with gear to wear on the court.

Well, today was the first day I actually tried everything on and I made a little (awesome) discovery.

Check out the video to see!! It’s so SUPER COOL!

Besides the skirt, I am loving the Champion SHAPE shirt. It’s slimming and fabulous. And for those big busted girls… there is a ton of added support. Sometimes I feel funny not wearing a bra when I work out, but this top is tight enough to keep the girls in place. The site is having a . Are you in the market for some new workout gear? Now is the time to stock up on some great pieces.

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* This is part of a sponsored series that I’m working on for Champion. All opinions are my own.

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