I just drove around my town to see what sort of damage happened due to Hurricane Irene. We were LUCKY – let’s just say that. My town is FILLED with old oak trees and SO MANY OF THEM WERE UPROOTED.

My local paper is investigating whether or not a tornado touched down a few times because most of the damage is very isolated. There were two specific regions that were HIT HARD – one (pictures above) was three blocks from my house – and I’m not exaggerating.

The other – right next to my son’s school!

Friends told me that some houses had their roofs ripped off, but I didn’t see any of that. Then again, I only drove around for 5 minutes because the winds of Hurricane Irene are still pretty strong.

Check out the videos to see the Hurricane Irene damage on Long Island – central. I can’t imagine what the coasts are looking like right now if the center is like this.

My thoughts are with everyone who were affected by this storm.

ALSO – during the actual storm peak, I took these videos – though it doesn’t seem like much. My guess is most damaged happened during the night.

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