This is so great!

I just read this article about how companies fudge size numbers to make women feel skinnier (which is interesting for me considering I am an 8 at BEST – which means that I am really a 10 or 12?) I’ve known this since I was in high school because I remember being a size 4 in Banana Republic but a 6 everywhere else. Naturally, that made me want to shop at Banana more often!! LOL! Hey, I’m being honest.

Well, anyway – I found out about ‘My Best Fit’ in the above mentioned article and HAD to share. It’s a stand alone machine that will measure you in seconds and then give you the correct sizing for stores like the Gap, Old Navy, J Brand, Coldwater Creek and more.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Right now, it’s available at the King of Prussia mall but promises locations in NYC, Chicago, Long Island, LA, San Diego and Orange County – to name a few.

WHAT A CONCEPT! No more guessing!!!

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