LATB was invited to Trump Soho Spa to learn about the best ways to refresh our bodies for the new season, inside and out.

Sprayology is a great way to help your body feel healthier and stronger naturally with multiple products aimed for various needs. Sprayology rejuvenates, relieves, restores and rebuilds the body with advanced homeopathic oral sprays. All you have to do is spray the product under your tongue few times a day – takes all the worrying away from swallowing pills!

The new Life Detoxer product from Sprayology helps to relieve symptoms resulting from exposure to environmental toxins such as respiratory difficulties, coughing, lung and liver toxicity and sluggishness.

Aside from treating your body on the inside it is also essential to dedicate some time to your physical and mental well-being. My favorite part during the event was the 7 for 7 meditation. The idea is to devote 7 minutes every day of the week for “me time.” We closed our eyes for 7 minutes to concentrate on breathing and inner peace. I felt at ease for the rest of the day, it’s amazing what few minutes away from cell phones can do!

Visit for more information and stay healthy!

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