So, right about now I should be on a beach in Mexico sipping on a margarita. Unfortunately, I felt uncomfortable with the timing of the trip. I tried to get over the fact that I would be flying back to NYC on September 11th, but I couldn’t. I had a very personal experience on that day and just couldn’t shake my irrational fear.

So, I missed the trip. A friend is there and I’m following all her tweets soaking in the beauty that is Mexico. Did I make the right decision? I guess it depends on who you ask. I’ll get to Mexico one day – just not this week.

Instead, I was able to have a little Fashion Week fun and I met Salma Hayek yesterday. So, it isn’t all bad, right?

I also got to enjoy walking my daughter to school each day this week. I would have missed out on that opportunity as well. And my poor husband is SO sick right now – so I’m holding down the fort.



Moving on to another topic. Shoes. What’s up with the LACK of 13W for girls. I went to 5 stores – count them 5 STORES – and couldn’t get Natalie sneakers OR rain boots. I ended up ordering them from Zappos. They arrived yesterday. So, that was great. She’s all set for next week. The poor girl was in flip flops during those two rainy days we had in NY.

Also made an appointment with my neurologist – a new one because I couldn’t handle the old one anymore. Her office / staff is just… in need of a readjustment to say the least. Anyway, I went in because I’m having an insane amount of migraines despite significantly reducing my work load. Apparently, I get affected by ALL triggers – hormones, weather, stress, food, anxiety etc. Yeah for me…

So, after having a long talk with him, we decided that it was best for me to get back on daily meds. I SO DON’T WANT TO BE ON PILLS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, but I have to do what I have to do.

Someone asked me – “If you were told that you had to take pills for your heart, would you?”

And I said yes.

“So, how is that different from a doctor telling you that you need pills for your head? It’s still a body part in need of attention.”

I guess that’s right, isn’t it?

So, I’m back on the damn meds. But if it helps, it helps. And I need help. I take them at night and they make me tired which actually also helps with my sleep issues. So, it’s sort of a win-win.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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