So, Liam fell down on Friday and has been milking that bruise for the last few days. I mean… milking it.

  • Carry me.
  • I need a bandaid.
  • I hate bandaids.
  • I want to wash it.
  • Don’t touch it.

I can’t keep up! Even today – he is still talking about that boo boo. And believe me, it’s just a surface cut. I guess we all have those days right?


My poor husband really wasn’t feel too hot this weekend and he actually took himself to the emergency room! We thought it would be best to give the kids to his parents and just take it easy for a night. They were so happy to see their grandparents.


We watched a few movies (not the one above). I just had to post this title. I mean, there is a person out there who gets PAID to title these shows. What a flipping job!!


September 11th, I cried for the majority of the morning. It was just too sad. I watched the programing and mourned all those that were lost. Bill’s mother actually was born on 9/11 so we had to go out to eat and celebrate. I was overly tired at that point, but the kids enjoyed themselves which is all that matter.

PS – that outfit is so cute! Natalie has the same outfit for her DOLL. I can’t stand it!


Another special birthday on 9/11 is celebrated by one of my dogs – Jill (the dark one). She turned 10 over the weekend. Every birthday we get them a McDonald’s hamburger for dinner. They were practically flipping upside down when we walked in the house. It’s like they KNEW!!

Now onto my migraines. I’ve had one for 5 days STRAIGHT. The meds make them go away but then I get a new one. I don’t know what’s going on here. It’s crazy. I’m trying NOT to take too many pills because I only get 12 a month and I don’t want to run OUT. So last night I didn’t sleep and just felt pain in bed. UGH.

I’m going to drink SO MUCH WATER TODAY to see if it’s a dehydration thing. I can’t imagine what’s causing it…

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