So, it looks like Thursdays are going to be a lot of fun. Last afternoon, I took the kids to an after school activity with several of their friends. Once it was over, we all decided to go out to dinner. In total, there were 11 of us… with just 4 adults in the mix. Needless to say we were OUTNUMBERED. We were loud and ended up getting plenty of stares from other restaurant diners… but give me a break… it was a pizzeria!

The kids had a FANTASTIC time together and my friends and I were in our glory. It was truly an amazing dinner.

We promised to do something fun like this once a week. I’m actually really looking forward to our next get together.

I’m missing next week because I will be in LA with Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner. This is the third (or fourth?) time I’m meeting her and cannot WAIT! I’m a little bummed that  my partner in crime can’t make it… but she has other obligations she’s working on that week. 🙁

I haven’t told Bill yet, but I plan on doing some shopping… and when I say SOME shopping I really mean A LOT of shopping. I have two full afternoons free and you better believe I’m going to make use of them. 🙂

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