I had such an amazing time this week with Frigidaire. I’m INSANE over their new Gallery Range… like BANANAS. Imagine having the capacity to have two full ranges that can each fit a 28 pound turkey in your kitchen. It’s magic I tell ya! Magic!

After the mania went away, I got a pedicure with friends and then took a little tour of LA. I will post those pics later. Had lots of fun with my guide.

I ordered in my dinner and then decided to take advantage of the HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE tub my hotel room had. I mean, I felt like I could almost lay FLAT in there. It was insane. I wish I had a measuring tool to figure out how long it really was. I NEVER saw a tub like this. Believe me – this pic is not doing any justice to it.  I dumped all the soap and shampoo into the tub, filled it with nearly boiling water and vegged out.

Now, I take bubble baths on occasion. BUT my kids are banging on my door. Or my husband is doing something in the bedroom. Or my dogs are barking at the UPS guy. It was nothing like this. Silence. Bliss.

It should be mandatory for everyone to bubble bath once  a week. It’s life changing!

When’s the last time you took a relaxing and QUIET bubble bath.

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