Yesterday afternoon,we took the kids to The Long Island Fair. I checked the weather and they said there was a chance of rain, so I put the kids in rain boots. I wore black skinny jeans and rain boots on myself as well. Then it was like 80 DEGREES. I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I ended up rolling my jeans to over my knees and have no idea what I looked like. A hot mess – absolutely! But I did not care. I was going to DIE in those rubber boots. People kept telling me to take them off and walk barefoot. That wasn’t going to happen, but it wasn’t a bad idea.

We stayed until 5 pm. Believe me, it was almost unmanageable. The only person that had it worse than me was the band leader… in leather pants. He was not happy. LOL!


Right after this picture, my sunglasses broke in an unfixable way. I don’t know how it happened – it was so strange. So, on the hottest day of the month, I had on rubber boots and no sunglasses. Oh, did I mention my poor kids got sunburns on their faces? CRAZY!


We met some friends and they all had a blast. The kids went on a million rides, while the parents kept sneaking off to sample wine and beer. LOL! It was pretty funny.

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