I love anything eco-friendly but I love it even more when it saves me money and gets the job done. Skoy Cloths are good for the environment and save tons of money. They’re cloths that are made to use for kitchen clean-up. One Skoy Cloth saves 15 rolls of paper towels!

Skoy Cloth was made by 2 friends who wanted to find a way to clean their kitchen in an eco-friendly, economic way.  Enter the Skoy Cloth! The Skoy Cloth is biodegradable and compostable. You can use it over and over and wash it in the machine when it gets too dirty. It also absorbs 15 times its own weight. I tried it out myself. I was concerned about a few things. Firstly, I wanted to know if it cleans as well as a paper towel. I also wanted to know if it kept dirt in it. I was a bit afraid that I would be spreading germs all over my kitchen with this one cloth.  I gave the Skoy Cloth a go and really like it. After each use, I rinse it out thoroughly to get the germs out. Then I leave it out to dry, which doesn’t take long at all. I love that it comes in fun colors. I also love that it cleans like a paper towel. It has a similar texture, though thicker, and cleans up spills and absorbs water very efficiently.

Check out the Skoy Cloth for yourself.  Go to www.skoycloth.com.

Company gave sample for review.

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