I like listening to trend reports, but I’m not one to actually follow them. I tend to keep it simple and it has always worked for me because my pieces are timeless. Even if a new trends takes over the world, my fitted black blazer will still remain in style.

Here are some pieces that I think are a little edgier than what a typical mom would own, but are still simple enough in design that she will get years and years of use out them.

1. Suede Skirt! (Pictured Above) $49

2. Snake Bracelet $350 (you can get this for cheaper – they are everywhere these days but have been in style for decades)

3. Rain boots that you love. This is the pair that I own and I will wear them for the next ten years. How many uses do you get a year out of your rain boots? They will never wear out.

4. A great wrap dress: ($98) This one I am in LOVE with. Wrap dresses accentuate your curves in all the right places and if you have an issue with your mid-region, this is the shape for you!

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