Yesterday was a pretty great day. I started it out by going to a friend’s house for a little shopping. She had a company that sold monogrammed bags demonstrate their line. I ended up getting Natalie a new Thermal lunchbox. The one she has now STINKS – so I’m actually really excited about this purchase.

Then I had lunch with a friend MINUS OUR KIDS because both our little ones were on play dates and our older ones were in school. BLISS! We had Japanese food and went to the mall for a few.

I then went to Barnes and Nobles with Bill to pick up ‘Bloodlines’ – it’s a spin off of ‘Vampire Academy’. Yes, I read those vampire books. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I ended up NOT buying the book because it’s only available in hardcover right now – so I got the digital copy on my iPad for $6 less. Hate hardcover book prices! UGH


Play date time! Natalie and her friend got together after school and boy what a mess Natalie made. Her friend’s makeup is PERFECT. Natalie looked like the Joker! It was hilarious. She had lipstick on the bottom of her chin. I was like, where are you going with that?????

Had to wipe her down a bit before snapping this. They had so much fun!! Love easy play dates.

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