I just spent the morning hopping around from Target to Walmart. Thought I’d share my trip with you. The coupon discounts for Target came from this site.  You can copy the above purchases or take advantage of one of the other ones listed.

  • Nivea Wash for Women: $3 – $2 newspaper coupon = $1
  • Band-Aid $2.49 – $.50 Target Coupon – $.50 newspaper coupon = $1.49
  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish $1.83 – $1 target coupon – $1 newspaper coupon = FREE

Total Out of Pocket Expense: $2.71

Next up we have Walmart! Now, I have a few things to say about this shopping experience. I had about 15 things I wanted to buy and about 12 of them were OUT OF STOCK. So, my Walmart isn’t so hot…. Hopefully, the one by you is better. The Walmart breakdowns came from this site.

  • Combat Ant Traps $2.47 – $2 online coupon = $.47 (online coupons can all be found using the above link)
  • Dulcolax Tablets $1.98 – $2 online coupon = FREE
  • Kotex Pads $1.24 – $1 online coupon = $.24
  • Reach Floss $.88 (I bought 5 of them because I had one newspaper coupon for $3 off 3 Reach and one $2 off 2) = FREE

Total Out of Pocket Expense: $.77

I wanted to take advantage of SO MANY MORE OFFERS. I was practically HIGH driving over to Walmart this morning but NONE of the travel size stuff was there which threw a big wrench in my plan.

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