Last night, my husband and I was invited out to dinner. We opted for outdoor seating… and then the skies opened up. Thankfully, the restaurant had an over-sized outdoor patio which was covered. We were able to eat and enjoy ourselves despite the bad weather.


My friends were pushing alcohol on me and I kept refusing. Then Barbara begged me to try her favorite wine, Riesling. Apparently, she thought I would LOVE it because this bottle was a sweeter white. I took a sip just to stop the conversation from continuing… and it blew my mind. Holy unbelievably delicious! There was ZERO zing at the end of the drink. I hate wine because of that after taste you get which I am so not used to. HOWEVER, this Riesling had nothing. I kept asking if it was real wine because I didn’t believe them!


Now I know what to order when out with friends.

Do you like Riesling?

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