I am going to try to post all the deals I find online once a day. I have a few friends who are really into these things. It will be easier for me to just post them on my blog so I can share them with you guys too. All these emails going back and forth between me and my friends have gotten to be a bit crazy!

Less is more right?

Ok, so here are today’s deals and steals. I will continuously update this page all day – so check back often.

Fashion and Beauty Coupons

Personal Care / Home Care Coupons

Food and Drink Coupons

Entertainment Coupons

AND while we are talking about coupons – I scored all of this from Target yesterday for $6.98. Basically, I used Totally Target as my source for discounts and added some coupons I had left over from BlogHer which made the Dole, Pine Sol, and Trop 50 free.

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