I have a plastic bag in my kitchen FILLED with gift cards, flash sale site coupon / deal print outs, Restaurant.com stuff – etc. You name it and it’s in there. You know those websites that you sign up for and then buy bargains – I have a membership to each and every one.

So, yesterday after the kids went to school, I decided to try to get rid of them. I headed to the mall and went to three stores to spend my certificates.

Well, turns out some of these puppies EXPIRE. I need a system because I seriously lost out on so many great coupons / deals.

For example, I printed out this coupon that would have given me 2 free Yankee Candles with the purchase of 2 Yankee Candles. That’s basically a 50% off coupon and we all need house warming gifts on hand, right? Expired! I was PISSED.



Then I pick up Liam and Bill and we all went to a greek restaurant in town. We ordered appetizers because I had a Groupon certificate that I was planning to use… that ended up only being good for DINNER. So we spent freaking $57 for NOTHING. I thought we were getting $30 off. The waitress was like… it says it right there in the title.

I was so angry.

SO – here’s my lesson learned:

  • Organize your certificates / store coupon / deals by EXPIRATION DATE (thanks to Elpida for figuring this out last night)
  • If you really want to be sure you are using your deal, write a note on your calendar on the day the deal expires (thanks to Barbara for figuring this out last night)
  • Highlight any restrictions like…. DINNER ONLY … so you don’t make a mistake like me and waste a lot of money for no reason on lunch

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