This week, I cleaned out Liam’s closet. I ended up with about 8 bags of clothing / toys to donate because we’ve been basically storing all his old stuff on the floor of his closet for 4 years. It was like Mary Poppins’ bag. Things kept appearing – I was SHOCKED because the area really isn’t that big.

Anyway, WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY on the bottom of the mess there was this box filled with swaddle blankets, diapers, onesies and bibs. I pulled the box out and as soon as I did his baby scent filled the room.

I instantly started to cry… hysterically. It brought me back 4 years ago. It was Liam as a newborn. The smell – it was insane. I took all the clothing and I pulled it to my face and took a huge inhale.

Even now I’m bawling writing this because time is flying and there’s no way to slow it down.


My eldest is only 6. I can’t imagine how MY MOTHER feels seeing her baby as a woman with kids of her own. I mean – what the hell does that feel like? The only thing I can do is really live each day to the fullest with my kids. Put down the iPhone when they are speaking to me and hug / kiss them as much as they will let me.

Every stage is beautiful – I’m not saying I’m not enjoying this age. But that smell – I just remembered everything in an instant. It was too much for me to handle and I most certainly wasn’t prepared for it.

Either way, I’m glad it happened.

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