I cannot GET OVER HOW FANTASTIC this Halloween costume is!! I mean – the UPS guy came while Natalie and I were dead smack in the middle of homework. We paused, got the door and opened the package not thinking anything. When I whipped out this magical dress – Cinderella’s Wedding Dress – Natalie just about HIT THE FLOOR!

We instantly stopped everything and tried it on.





It’s absolutely DARLING! I’m going to head to the mall to pick up the rest of it  – a bouquet of white roses and a veil. Disney Store certainly outdid itself!!

From the brand: This exquisite wedding gown was inspired by the dress Cinderella wears in the film. The details on this sparkling dress including the glittering organza skirt and taffeta details that will impress any princess and make her feel like she’s in a fairy tale.

I had to practically rip it off of Natalie so she could go to sleep.  Retails for $37.

* company sent sample for review

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