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Has your son asked about Being A Scout? I know this is something that has surely come up in many of your neighborhoods.  It’s pretty popular here on Long Island, as a lot of boys we know (at ages 4-6) are getting into Cub Scouts (the precursor to the Boy Scouts) and girls are getting into Daisies (obviously similar).

Here’s just a little background about the group.  Something to consider when and if you are considering having your son join.

  1. Scouting’s Role In The Lives Of Today’s Youth Kids are growing up faster than ever, and as parents have to battle everything from age compression to video game play to cyberbullying, it’s good to know Scouting is there to provide a balance of outdoor exploration, technology interaction, and social activities that are so essential for proper development.
  2. Words To Live By: What Do They Mean To You? Trustworthy. Loyal. Helpful. Friendly. Courteous. Kind. Obedient. Cheerful. Thrifty. Brave. Clean. Reverent. These are more than words. They are values that all Scouts honor and strive to portray. What do they mean to you as a mother?
  3. Scouting – Relieving The Back-To-School Tension With every new school year comes a whole new set of challenges. New teachers. New friends. New subjects. Scouting can help round out a boy’s education and improve both his confidence and comfort level with other students. And by giving him supplementary experiences outside the classroom, there’s a good chance he’ll perform better in the classroom.
  4. Healthy Living The Scout Way It’s no secret that childhood obesity is a growing problem. One way to combat it is to ensure kids stay active and eat right. As a youth advocate, Scouting offers activities that help kids stay in shape and educate them on proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

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