There was a time last year when all my favorite shows ended at the same time. It was a bit ridiculous. Lost, Heroes, 24… I mean it was all just horrible timing. We went from having SO MUCH to watch… to NOTHING at all. And I REFUSED to jump into the Real Housewives craze…

FINALLY, I am at a point where my DVR is filled with favorites. I thought I’d share them with you (and hopefully you will share some of your favorites with me).

The Walking Dead – AMC

Zombies have taken over the world and this small group is trying to find a safe place to call home. We just started to watch it but was able to catch up on last season fairly quickly. We are hooked.

Long Island Medium – TLC

Story about a woman (who lives 15 minutes from my house) that has the ability to speak to the dead. Beautiful episodes. I end up crying each time she connects to lost loved ones.

Psych – USA

One of the only comedies I watch! This duo is hilarious. A detective pretends to be psychic and helps the cops solve murders (but always gets in trouble in the process).

Paranormal State – A&E

This show is only good when the psychic Chip comes on board. I watched one yesterday about a woman who was possessed and it scared the living daylights out of me.

Swamp People – History

These people scare me more than the ghosts do. A whole new look at people down South. Obviously, this doesn’t represent all of Louisiana. Same way as the Jersey Housewives don’t represent the North East.

New Girl – Fox

This is the other comedy that we watch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Zooey Deschanel – ever since I heard her sing in ‘Elf’.

Terra Nova – Fox

Humans messed up the world and now they need to start over by going back in time. Only problem is… a war is brewing.

Sanctuary – Syfy

Sometimes the acting leaves me wanting, but the story lines are always changing which I appreciate.

House – Fox

Oldie but goodie. I’m sure you’ve heard of this genius doctor by now.

The Rachel Zoe Project – Bravo

I die. This is the only reality show I am utterly OBSESSED WITH.

The Mentalist – CBS

There’s just something about Jane that keeps me tuning in each week. LOVE his character.

Curiosity – Discovery

I literally feel smarter each and every time I tune in. An AMAZING SHOW!!!

Ancient Aliens – History

I believe in aliens. Yeah, I said it. This show just gives me talking points for party conversations. 😉

Supernatural – CW

If Jensen Ackles wanted to throw me in a closet and play ‘7 minutes in heaven’, I wouldn’t stop him. Just saying…

Alphas – SyFy

I’m having issues taping this one. There’s a conflict that I need to sort out. But I really like this show. It’s about humans who were born with extraordinary abilities. Kind of like Heroes.

I know. It reads like I am a boy. BUT these are the type of shows I like. So, what about you? What are you watching that you can’t get enough of?

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