Don’t get me started on the apocalypse. I can talk your ear off FOR HOURS!!

While on Twitter this morning, I learned that today was rapture day… again. In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d do a little online search for cool zombie items. After all… zombies ARE the new vampires, aren’t they?? 🙂

Here’s what I found:

Zombie lovers shirt – to show you accept all relationships

Zombie stitch necklace – for when you need to trick the others

Zombie Flesh Eater necklace – to show you have similar tastes

Zombie Crossing Sign – to help provide them with safe passage

Zombie gnomes – to show that all your food supply has been eating already

Zombie brain cupcakes – to hand out on October 31st

Zombie “Keep Calm” sign – to provide them with a little inspiration

Zombie scoreboard shirt – well, you need SOME WAY to keep track right?

Zombies ate my homework button – to help explain to the teacher what happened to your child’s work

AND FINALLY – where would a zombie be without a Beetlejuice original – The Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

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