Here’s the deal. This year, I traveled a bit for work and always had a hard time figuring out which pieces were mine. I really dont’ have the best memory. Sometimes, I would see bags with large ribbons tied to the handles. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA.

But I would NEVER EVER remember to do it.

While shopping online, I told my mother I was going to buy a red luggage set. She told me that a lot of people these days have red luggage. And come to think of it… she’s right. I do seem to always see a set or two in the baggage claims area.

So, I took a chance and went with purple. It looks much lighter in the shot because of the flash, but I am PRAYING that not many people are rocking PURPLE luggage these days.

When the full set came, my husband was like… what is this?? I told him it will help us out in the long run. I’m not so sure he believed me.

Either way, I am happy with the purchase. The three pieces were under $300 so it was a good deal too. Now I just need a trip to use them all on. 🙂

What color is your luggage?

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