I spy with my little eye…

I love this game!

Do your kids like to find hidden objects in games? Are you trying to build up a game collection of non-violent entertainment? It doesn’t always have to be about guns and ammo right?

Check out ‘I Spy Castle’ for the Nintendo DS. Search for over 400 objects in 36 I Spy riddles, play mini-games and reveal the castle’s secrets.

As you can see, the game shows you per screen what you need to find. My children are young – so I do have to help them out a bit while they are playing I Spy Castle on their DS. Falcon is not a common word – but unknown words lead to great educational discussions, right?

And here is a quick glance at one of the I Spy Castle mini-games that pop up every now and then. FUN!
I Spy Castle retails online for $16.

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