Last night I went out with about 20 friends. My town puts together these “Couples’ Night Out” activities and we all headed to an Indian restaurant. The price tag? $70 a head which is a lot for me considering I hardly drink… EVER.

But anyway, it was a guaranteed good time – so Bill and I went.




We had a huge table – about 10 or so couples – and the food just kept coming out. One saucy dish after another. I wanted to try it all. Really I did. I’m just not that adventurous when it comes to food.

So, what did I end up eating for $70 a plate?


White rice and Naan bread. How pathetic!!! All my friends were CHOWING down and I was sitting there nibbling on some basmati. I don’t know what happened! Today, I am totally regretting it.

Are you a lover of Indian food? What are your favorite dishes?!! This way I know what to order next time around.

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