Oh my goodness I am CRYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Audrey (my BFF) surprised me with a birthday video recapping the last 2 years of our lives. It’s crazy that I only know her for this short period of time because she is literally the sister I never had! I can’t believe she took the time out to do this. So precious.

Makes me feel very special. What a perfect birthday present.

And I just want to write about three things in the video you might not understand.

1) When she is climbing up the black steps – we were staying in a Haunted Hotel out East and she was petrified going up alone. Instead of letting the people we were with go up with her, I wanted her to conquer her fears. So you can see she kept coming down because she was so scared. The actual video you can hear all of us hysterically laughing. It was the funniest moment of my LIFE.

2) The black cloud reference. During one of our trips to Disney, I was offered a free trip to Monterey in California. I called Bill up and told him he should come with me so we could have an extended vacation together without the kids. MY flight and the hotel would be paid for – so he would just have to pay for his ticket. He thought it was the WORST idea ever. We fought for like 20 minutes and then I said “You are a black cloud in my day of sunshine”. So for like 3 months after, Audrey kept referring to Bill as the black cloud. PS – we ended up NOT going on the free trip. Grumble Grumble Grumble

3) And the “we forgot to wear red” reference was a day that we both attended ‘The Red Dress Awards’ … and neither one of us put two and two together. In a room filled with 200 women dressed in red… Audrey and I were NOT.

Anyway, thank you again Audrey for the amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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