I know most blogs are going to write about how thankful they are for their family and friends during the month of November. I mean, I love reading those sort of stories. However, I woke up thinking about a much different angle. My version will be about the little things I’m thankful for in life.

Last Monday, I kicked off my “Week of Thanks” series. The opening topic was simple – low expectations. I’m no June Cleaver and proud of it!

Here are the topics. Come back each day to see what I mean:

So… I took the weekend off! It’s still 7 days of thanks – just extended out a bit. Happy Monday everyone!!

Today’s thanks post is dedicated to furry creatures. My two little pooches!


This is how my little Jill sits with me on the couch. She thinks she’s a parrot and favors my shoulder. I think that is the cutest thing and she’s been doing it for the last 10 years.


She’s also really big on staring contests. Liam tried to win for this shot … but was unsuccessful.


And my little Jack loves to hang out on my lap. If I even THINK about going near the couch, these two come racing into the living room to be with their mom. They were my first babies and I love them to death.


On top of it all, they are best buds. Side by side 24 hours a day.

Your turn – Do you have pets? What kind?

Leave a comment below. :)

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