OH MY WORD!!!! Look what was under my desk this morning. A flipping Louis Vuitton bag! I’m so excited and had NO IDEA he was going to get me this. The last time he bought me a Louis Vuitton bag was in 2007. I was hospitalized for 2 months while pregnant with Liam. When he came with Natalie on Mother’s Day to see me, he whipped out a Speedy because he thought it would cheer me up. I’ve worn it every single day since. 🙂

I cannot get over THIS!

This wouldn’t have happened if my friend Audrey didn’t go shopping for a Louis Vuitton this week. We were talking about how jealous I was that her husband let her buy 2 Louis Vuitton BAGS (not 1… 2) and how Bill would NEVER EVER let me do that.

Bill didn’t say anything about it and we moved on. I guess the thought stuck in his HEAD!

And then this! I mean – I am so excited!!


He got me the large Neverfull. I’m… flipping out.  Today is our 10 year anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been married that long. I feel so young, you know. Time flies when you are having fun I suppose. We’ve had a really good run so far. Here’s to 60 more. 😉

Yesterday, we tried to make a 10 year anniversary video… but we were both so tired. After I watched it, I figured the only parts that were actually semi-amusing were the outtakes. You know, the stuff I would normally CUT before uploading the video to YouTube. Anyway, here are the outtakes for your viewing pleasure. And YES – he really does make that noise to me (ALL THE TIME).

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