“Mommy, today is girl day.”

AWWWW – love my bean! I had to get a neutral manicure done on Sunday for a magazine photo shoot I am doing all day Monday. I can’t say for who yet… but it’s flipping insane.


My daughter naturally opted for the HOTTEST PINK ON THE BLOCK. We look like two entirely different people.


Natalie was having a relaxing time – really enjoying her back massage.


Meanwhile, I opted for this green tea wrap and had my legs / feet worked on for over an hour. BLISS! I felt bad for the woman though. My pedicure was MUCH harder than my daughter’s pedicure. 🙂


Natalie LOVES her pink nails with daisies. She asked me if she could wear flip flops to school tomorrow. LOL! I obviously told her no. I have a feeling her boots are going to go flying as soon as she walks in the classroom. 🙂

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