Seriously, I should steal all of the keychain tags from the Starbucks counter and auction them off all year long to make some extra cash. LOL

Starbucks has brought back the keychain cards. You cannot FIND THESE during the year! They just don’t offer them. Believe me, I know. Bill and I have one on our main car’s keychain… but our second car (the one I usually use) doesn’t have one and for MONTHS I tried to get another one. No luck

For some reason, they are back in stores and if you are a Starbucks lover… you need to run and grab one (or 3).

You add a credit card to the card and then carry it on your keychain which means you will never be without the ability to grab a beverage. That is such a powerful feeling. HAHAHHAH! (sorry I’m an addict)

Just wanted to give you the heads up if you don’t have one yet.

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